Public Relations (PR)

PR is so much more than just writing a press release, sending it out into the ether and hoping to get coverage. Our first strategy at Attention Media is to make sure the news you want to get out there has all the necessary elements that will make journalists sit up and take notice, and not make it filter to the bottom of the pile.

We often see the story behind the story and pull out the newsworthy element. Then we speak to everyone we feel could add to the newsworthy nature of the story. Once we have fine-tuned our messaging, we make sure you, the client is happy with what we have written – after all, it is your story we are telling and you need to be happy with it.

We then identify key media we feel the story would suit and start the conversations. We know just how to grab a journalist’s attention and how to deliver what they need to go live with a story. Depending on the nature of the press release this could even include a quirky, fun or creative element to be sent with the press release.

We have built strong relationships within the media, both locally and on a national scale, and would love nothing more than helping to get your story out there to help build your brand awareness or let your target audience know about your new products or services.

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