Working with restaurants and bars means we sometimes (ok, actually quite often) get to go to some pretty cool things – from hosting VIP launch events on behalf of clients, being invited to them (!) and also attending trade events like the brilliant Imbibe Live 2016.

What’s great about Imbibe Live – aside from the copious and never ending supplies of booze – is that you are able to connect and discover some of coolest and quirkiest emerging drink brands, as well as check out what the more established brands are doing to keep themselves fresh and current.

We spent our time meeting and chatting to as many people and businesses as possible and have taken away some interesting things to share with our restaurant clients. One of the companies we met (and subsequently fell in love with) were the creators of the absolutely rockin’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) artisan frozen drink brand, Rocktails.

Not only darn right tasty (we had to try them all of course), the branding, packaging and overall offering was spot-on and it appears we’re not the only ones that think so – in just a matter of weeks since launching, Rocktails has managed to secure over 40 stockists. We salute you Rocktails, thank you for crafting delicious frozen cocktails and long may your success story continue!

As well as sampling the many delights on offer, we were also critiquing how businesses were using their exhibition spaces. Some were really inventive – creating exciting and innovative experiential spaces – while some were…well, a little lack lustre…

Hats off to Schweppes who married an impactful stand with engaging social media tactics – loving your work.

Quick fire tips on creating a more inviting exhibition space

While we appreciate most businesses don’t have the budget like the big international brands, there are quick wins to be had when exhibiting, such as ensuring your logo is prominent (above the eye line, otherwise, when people are stood talking to you, your branding will be completely lost), to ensuring you create an open and welcoming space where you can interact and talk freely with attendees (this may sound like an obvious suggestion, but so many people put big desks / barriers in the way and this hinders communication and actually stops people wanting to visit the stand).

Overall, a very enjoyable and worthwhile day out of the office and we are already looking forward to the next year (just as soon as we finish nursing our very slight hangovers of course…)


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