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The art of message amplification

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Here at Chalk & Ward PR we try to use as little jargon as possible – but one phrase that keeps cropping up in our industry is ‘message amplification’. In fact, truth be known…as far as jargon goes, I rather like this one (shhhhh, don’t tell my colleagues as I am breaking the company ‘no jargon rule’….)

Essentially, message amplification is about taking a message or content generated by a person or organisation and selecting the best communication tools or platforms to ensure maximum reach to the identified target recipients of this particular message or content.

When we meet with clients, we always ask the question: what are you trying to achieve from PR or the communication campaign? Which invariably leads to us understanding their business goals, target markets and, importantly, how best to communicate and reach these people or groups.

Then it is time to devise a cunning plan – that’s when our team get together (with a cuppa of course) and start to get creative….

Once you’ve agreed on the activity – be it event, stunt, social media, partnership, media relations – it is then about identifying the best tools to help generate as much traction or ‘noise’ about the activity (assuming of course, the end game is to get as much profile as possible, it may be that you are targeting such a small and defined group of people or businesses that actually, it isn’t a numbers game at all….)

So, how to select the best tools – now for my Blue Peter moment….”here’s one I prepared earlier”. Take a look at our graphic which shows some of the most popular methods we employ to help amplify our client’s messages.

More often than not it is a combination of tactics – this week we have just started with a new restaurant client and we are teaming social media + media relations + stunts + video + photography + affiliate partnerships to start making noise….

Our top tips:

Don’t just make ‘noise’ for the sake of it – you’ll get very little from this, so save your budget!

Be strategic – will your campaign or activity achieve what you need it to?

Get creative – go on, we dare you! Don’t copy, be the innovator or stand out business in whatever arena you are operating in.

Review and tweak – make time to reflect on the activity and see what work and what didn’t and lear from this.

Planning and execution – the best campaigns are expertly planned and executed by people who know what they are doing.

Resource the campaign properly – there is no point doing anything half heartedly…you’ll only be disappointed with the results. If you don’t have the man power or budget to do it properly, the chances are you are probably better not doing it.

Next week Laura Cornick will share her insights and thoughts on ‘Amplification (that word again!!) through social media communities’. 

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