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Always invest in a good photo to accompany a press release

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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – always, always, always invest in a professional and creative photo to accompany a great news story, article or feature.

News rooms are inundated with news articles and sending in a great photo with your news story might just mean it makes it into the publication – be it online or offline – over your competitors or other news stories vying for the same space.

It really doesn’t matter what the subject of the piece is, there will always be a way of taking an interesting photo, it just means making time to explore your options – or, if the creative juices just won’t flow, speak to colleagues to see whether they have some inspiration.

Another option is to look online or in magazines or newspapers – I always find this a really useful exercise and more often than not it sparks an idea.

One of our most recent shoots involves trying to highlight the rebrand of a national renewables company based in Exeter – ZERO (formerly known as Zero Carbon Future). As the rebrand was so fresh, and happen at the same time as the office relocation, we really needed to get creative! With no marketing collateral showing the new, snazzy logo (yes, I did use the word ‘snazzy’, I am trying to revive this underused word from the 90’s), we popped the logo over to our friends at Redrok printing and the next day, a logo arrived ready for the shoot.

Luckily for us, the MD of ZERO – Finian Parrick – was up for the shoot (we had warned him we might want him to do things outside of a normal shoot) which resulted in a really great series of photos.

We are now pushing some of the photos out to the media with the feature and hope to see it appearing in the national plumbing and heating press soon.

Our top tip: try to shake off nerves and get into the spirit of creating something that will really stand out. What’s the worst that can happen?? (Answers on a post card please)…


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